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Date: Mar 15, 2019

Location: Takayama, JP, 506-0802

Company: Teva Pharmaceuticals

Job Description

・ ユーティリティー設備の日常メンテナンス(緊急トラブル対応、小修繕)の実施と管理(日程・コスト・品質)                                                                                                                                         

(To implement daily maintenance such as emergency trouble and small repair for manufacturing equipment and to manage schedule, cost and quality of daily maintenence for utility equipment)

(To implement periodical maintenance such as Preventive Maintenance, Validation and Calibrlation for manufacturing equipment and to manage schedule, cost and quality of periodical maintenence for utility equipment)
・ CAPA、IRの実施と管理(日程・品質)

(To implement CAPA and IR assigned and to manage schedule and quality of CAPA and IR)
・ ユーティリティー設備の信頼性改善(FMEA、新PM、予備品管理)活動、省エネなどのコスト改善活動の実施

(To implement equipment reliability  improvment activities such as FMEA, New PM and Spare parts project for  utility equipment)
・ ユーティリティー設備のメンテナンスSOPの定期見直し

(To implement periodical review and revise of maintenance SOP for utility equipment)

・ ユーティリティー設備のメンテナンス予算の作成と管理

(To prepare budget drafting and compilation of maintenance expense and to manage and control consumption progress for utility equipment)


(To manage contractor on safety, technical point of view and construction job and to evaluate them and to keep good relationship with them)     




(To have at least more than 3 years experience of operation or repair and maintenance for manufacturing equipment or utility equipment)


(To have operational and technical knowledge of either pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment or related equipment such as building, HVAC, plumbing or utility equipment or to have elementary technical knowledge of machine element or to have elementary technical knowledge of electric control)
・Excel, Word, Power pointなどのPCスキル操作スキル

(To have PC skill including Excel, Word, Power point)


(To have the license of Second Chief Electrical Engineer)




(To have experience of subordinate or contractor management)


(To have maintenance related qualification such as licensed electrician or licensed maintenance technician)
・英語によるコミュニケーションに拒否感がないこと(TOEIC 550点以上がなお望ましい)

(To have familiality with English. Moreover possessing over 550 points for TOEIC score is more preferable)




オープンマインドなコミュニケーションがとれる方 (To have capability of making open mind communication)